Friday, February 14, 2014

Promise of a New Day...

Here are some photos I took recently of my new budding garden...

Zucchini squash seedling

Mesclun lettuce seedlings
Snow pea seedling

Swiss chard seedlings
 ...and some plants in one of our other garden plots...
Dill plant going to seed
Broccoli plant going to seed

What do all of these plants have in common? 
The young seedlings hold the promise of a fruitful harvest in the next few months...
The flowering broccoli and dill plants are actually in the process of dying;
but the flowers, which will soon produce seeds, hold the promise of a future harvest.
What does promise look like in your life?
In my garden...
The young budding seedlings may look weak,
but they are just in a stage where more care has to be given
for them to bring an abundant and fruitful harvest!
The old, flowering plants may look like they're dying;
but actually they are preparing for another phase of growth-
which will produce even more seeds and a much greater harvest!

Just as my garden holds promise,
so does your life!

Don't lose sight of your promise!
 If you feel weak and that you could never grab hold of your promise-
Don't Give Up!
Your harvest could be right around the corner!
If your promise seems to be old and dried up-
Don't Give Up! 
Look forward to what that promise still holds-
the potential for a greater harvest!