Sunday, October 7, 2012

This is My Response...

If you haven't read our blog post from September 29th at, please stop reading and head on over there before you read this blog.  This post is in response to what we posted there. 

The night that armed robbers broke down our front door and burst into our home while our children were in bed sleeping is a night that we will not soon forget.  While it wasn't the first time that thieves have broken
into our home, it was definitely the first time they intentionally broke in while we were actually at home.  As five thieves totally ransacked our house looking for money and whatever else they could find that they
thought was valuable, the only thing I could think of to do was to begin worshipping Jesus.  We (myself and 2 other female missionaries who had just recently returned from night evangelism in the village and
happened to be at our house) were forced to stay in a corner of our kitchen while the thieves tore through our suitcases, rummaged through our shelves and dresser drawers, threw things out of our kitchen
cabinets and even threw things out of our (solar battery powered) fridge, desperately seeking anything of value.  A few times, they came towards us waving machetes and knives over our heads demanding in Portuguese that we give them money.  I knew what they were asking, but I continued to speak to them in English, not wanting them to know that I knew what they were talking about.  As they continued to ransack our home, I opened my mouth and begin to say, "Hallellujah, Jesus!  We worship You!  We love You!  You alone are worthy!"  The other 2 missionaries did the same and we just focused on Him and He gave us a peace which surpasses all understanding. 

In the aftermath of what happened, there is one thing that I continue to do...worship Jesus.  There is a song that keeps playing in my mind and this song is my response to what God did and is continuing to do
in my heart at this time:

Gifted Response (We Will Worship You)

This is a gifted response,
Father we cannot come to you by our own merit.
We will come in the name of your Son
as He glorifies You and in the power of Your Spirit.
We have come to something so mysterious,
too deep for minds to comprehend;
through the open door,
where the angels sing,
and the host of heaven are antheming!

And we'll sing the glory of Your name!
Celebrate the glories of your grace!
We will worship You!
We will worship You!
And we'll make your praise so glorious;
singing songs of everlasting praise!
We will worship you!
We will worship you!

By Matt Redman,  Facedown CD

Hallelujah!!  God is always worthy to be praised, no matter what the circumstance!


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