Friday, July 5, 2013

The Mind of a 3 Year Old-Who Just Turned 4!

I am digressing from my promised "lessons learned in the garden" blog to post something I've been wanting to post for a little while now.  One of my littlest girls just turned 4 last week!  Many times in the past I've thought about sharing some of the questions and thoughts that she comes up with because I think they are just too funny not to share with someone else.  In honor of her 4th birthday, I decided to share some of her thoughts today...

The day before Chayah turned 4 (last Monday), she asked as I was getting her ready for a nap, "Mommy, will I be bigger tomorrow?"
"Well, you've already been getting bigger for some time now.  Tomorrow you'll just turn 4."
"I want to be as big as you guys!"
"Well, you'll have to be an adult to be that big."

She sat considering that for a moment, then said, "I wanna bounce on my bouncy ball.  Maybe I just wanna be as big as Isaiah.  And what scarf would I wear?!"  Isaiah is her 9 year old brother who also has a bouncy ball that he still bounces on.  She realized that she wouldn't be able to bounce on her bouncy ball or wear her toddler-sized scarf anymore if she were as big as Daddy and Mommy!

Another conversation-this one took place in the bathroom while getting ready for bed one day a couple of weeks ago...

"Mommy, is your middle name Tiffany?"
"No, it's my first name."
"But your first name is Mommy!"
"Well, that's right!  For you and your brother and sisters, it is!" :)

This last conversation happened a few weeks ago, again, right before naptime...

"Mommy, do we need to close our eyes when Jesus comes to take us to heaven?"
"Well, no, I don't think so!  Why?"
"Because if we don't, pieces from the clouds might get in our eyes!"

I love my little Chayah!  She is just too funny sometimes!

After some fun & games with the children at our center to celebrate Chayah's birthday, everyone prayed over her-a birthday blessing!


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