Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mushrooms! Mushrooms! Mushrooms!

Living in the mato (local word meaning 'the bush' or 'the countryside') sure has its benefits.  Take last Saturday, for instance.  Early in the morning, before heading back home, our night guards were out picking mushrooms in the grassy areas in and around our center.  Knowing how much I enjoy mushrooms, Tyren asked them if they could spare some of those they had already picked.  They gave him a bag full of them!  I soon had them scrubbed up, chopped up, and in the pan. 

I enjoyed a nice fried mushroom sandwich for lunch (see photo to the right)!  From the mato to the table!  Later that night, I added mushrooms to some homemade pizza for dinner.  (We still have some cheese left over from our special Christmas and New Year meals!)

Fresh mushrooms sizzling in the pan! 

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