Sunday, March 31, 2013

Photo Update...

Happy Easter!

Since I haven't gotten around to finishing the blog I wanted to post next, I figured I'd do a photo blog in the meantime...

I took this photo right after church one Sunday last month.  (Our church in Assumane village has grass/bamboo walls, a roof made of grass/bamboo/plastic sheets, and a mud floor.)  It was raining more inside the church than outside!  Two people were sitting on a bench holding an umbrella over their heads during the service!
Our passion fruit vines are growing well!

This huge watermelon from our garden turned out to be totally white inside...we found out that watermelon don't ripen during the rainy season here.  Go figure!
Holding a snail found in our yard.

Hopefully, I'll get some broccoli out of this plant!

Our new favorite family pastime...making homemade bean burritos!  Last week, we made them twice!

Just hanging a hammock we just put up in our gazebo!

During the rainy season, we have to go through this huge muddy ditch and many others just to get out onto the main road from our house.  We don't get many visitors because of the bad roads out to our place!
A rainbow just behind our house...reminding us that God's promises never fail! :)
Have a blessed Easter...
celebrating the joy that Christ has given
through His death and resurrection!

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