Sunday, April 27, 2014

Little Peter Comes for a Visit!

One of the guards at our base brought us a baby rabbit he found while cutting grass. Amerel and Isaiah were ecstatic and quickly made him their newest little pet! They named him Little Peter (Little Pete, for short).

Little Pete wouldn't eat the solid foods they tried to give to him, so they carefully spoon-fed milk to him.

They even wiped his mouth after drinking his milk!
They groomed him with an old toothbrush...   

...and Isaiah dug tunnels in the sandbox for him to play in!

All of the kids enjoy playing with him!
 After losing him under some bushy plants in our yard, they decided to put a leash on him.
They re-introduced him to solid foods after awhile-lettuce from my garden!

I think Little Pete likes the kids as much as they like him...he fell asleep on Amerel's lap! 
Once, Little Pete even hopped over to Isaiah when he called his name!

The kids have been having lots of fun with Little Peter these past 2 weeks, but we will soon give him to one of the guards who raises rabbits in his yard.  There, I'm sure he'll meet lots of new little bunny friends and be raised among his own!



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